Russian sailors from COVID-19 ship-to-Busan were hospitalized

Sixteen Russian sailors from standing in Busan, South Korea ship Ice stream, which confirmed coronavirus, hospitalized, port Kumchon closed, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the owner Reftransflot.

Previously, the Agency Renhap with reference to the service of the state sanitary and quarantine control and the local Union of workers of sea transport passed that 16 members of the crew of the Russian vessel-the refrigerator, moored in the port of Kumchon in Busan, on June 22 were identified COVID-19. Ship agent reported the quarantine service that the coronavirus was diagnosed in the former captain of the ship about a week ago went ashore in Russia after he had a fever. It was reported that the entire crew of the Russian vessel is isolated on Board. In the list of contacts — about 160 people.

According to him, there is no information about when will resume loading and unloading ships. The crew two weeks to be treated, then it will take a complete disinfection of the vessel.

"We take all measures to ensure the viability of the crew and cargo safety. Sailors yet will not release from the vessel. I will contact the Consulate, will continue in their regulations work. We will put them on notice, they will coordinate our actions or tell you what to do next," — said the source Agency.

He said that in Busan, the ship came from Vladivostok, where he stood under strain. There on June 15, written off some sailors, one crew member was bad, he was in the hospital.

"We can't understand where could the sailors be infected. The whole story went with the crew member who was charged, and after the ship went to sea, he told us that he had confirmed a coronavirus. So I checked all crew members — the rest of the signs was not. The crew from the 5th of April in the sea, since the ship sat only the representatives of the authorities, (the workers) to unload. Contact with the shore was not anywhere, no one on shore did not go even during the period of Parking with open borders, paperwork," he added.

The head of the organization of the Centers for control and disease prevention (KCDC) South Korea's Jeon Eun-Kyung said earlier that Seoul and the surrounding area is the second wave of infections coronavirus infection and the epidemic COVID-19 in the country could last until the autumn.

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