The Admiral appreciated the readiness of the black sea fleet to reflect the potential threat from Ukraine

To create the Azov flotilla in the black sea fleet (BSF) no need of forces and means of the fleet is enough to neutralize any possible threat in his area of operational responsibility, including the Ukrainian Navy in the sea of Azov, said RIA Novosti former chief of staff of the Navy of the Russian Federation (1998-2005), Admiral Viktor Kravchenko.

He commented on the publication of the fact that in response to the strengthening of the Ukrainian Navy American boats Mark VI Russia needs to consider the creation of the Azov flotilla in the black sea fleet. The United States decided to sell Ukraine 16 patrol boats Mark VI, armed with artillery and missiles AGM-176C Griffin B (Block II).

He stressed that the forces of the Novorossiysk naval base (NNB) is aimed at ensuring security in the area of the Azov sea in Temryuk where is the item-based black sea fleet ships.

The Admiral also noted that in the area of the sea of Azov concentrated powerful forces Maritime border guard service of the FSB of Russia. If necessary, the possible transfer of river arteries of the forces of the Caspian flotilla.

First American boats Mark VI as part of the Navy of Ukraine may appear already this year, and the entire contract will be completed by 2022. The amount of $ 600 million, under the agreement will be used to train Ukrainian crews and technical support.

Mark VI has a displacement of 72 tons, a speed of 48 knots. Are armed with two automatic 25-mm artillery systems Mk 38 Mod 2, and six 7.62 - mm and 12.7-mm machine guns in the turret. In addition, after upgrading to the new boats can be set small missiles such as AGM-176C Griffin B (Block II).