The expert assessed the proposal to declassify the archives of the Second world

The distortion of the events preceding the outbreak of the Second world war, intended to weaken Russia's credibility and expose her guilty in the global conflict, but the publication of archival documents will allow to objectively analyze this period, said to RIA Novosti Ana Teresa gutiérrez del CID, PhD in international relations, Professor of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has written an article about the Second world war, which called on States to intensify the process of publication of its archives and the publication of previously unknown documents about the war and the prewar period. He noted that Russia is ready for broad cooperation and joint research projects with the participation of historians.

The expert recalled that since 1924, the United States lent to the German industry in the framework of the Dawes plan, and after coming to power of Hitler - according to the young plan of 1933.

"For many it would be useful to know that Nazi Germany was not only a restoration project of the state and revenge after the Treaty of Versailles, but the project of destruction of the USSR. This is particularly important in Latin America, as history and news come by here in the US who choose what we read and watch," - said gutiérrez del CID.

In her opinion, the falsification of the events of the prewar period is dangerous and can lead to the restoration of the rights of Nazi Germany, or blaming the world war on one country.

"Allegations that the Second world war began with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, for those who know the story and not trying to rewrite it in their favor, it is absurd and cheating. President Putin's offer to open classified documents will allow us to consider the situation objectively, and not in favor of losing the influence of the US and the EU," said gutiérrez.