Maduro said he was willing to talk with trump

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he was willing to talk with U.S. President Donald trump, when need be, but the conversation should build on respect.

Trump earlier said he was ready for talks with Maduro, but just to discuss one issue – the care of the Venezuelan leader from his post.

Maduro spoke with Biden in 2015, and the input to this conversation, he called for respect for Venezuela, the Agency said.

In Venezuela at the beginning of 2019 began mass protests against President Maduro shortly after the oath of office. Juan Guido, head of the National Assembly, controlled by the opposition, illegally declared himself interim head of state. A number of Western countries led by the US announced its recognition of Guido. In turn, Maduro called the head of the Parliament a puppet of the US. Russia, China, Turkey and several other countries have supported Maduro as the legitimate President. In Moscow called "presidential status" of Guido non-existent.