The ISS has stopped searching for the source of toxic benzene due to the failure of the device

Search of source of toxic benzene in the atmosphere of the International space station ended in failure due to the failure of the American analyzer of air when carrying out measurements in the Russian segment, NASA said.

Previously, the Agency said that the exchange between Russian and American segments of the ISS ceased to search for a source of benzene, with measurements performed in the Russian segment using the device for determining the air quality AQM-1.

Because of instrument failure, the crew restored the exchange between Russian and American segments.

In may, Roscosmos told RIA news about the increase in the concentration of benzene in the atmosphere of the ISS, not exceeding the maximum allowable normal and non-threatening to the crew. The source of benzene is still not found.

In June, NASA reported that the astronauts will replace air cleaner remove trace contaminants from CHIPS in the American module Unity carbon filters, as, according to experts, the filters in the cleaner can allocate the previously absorbed by benzene, thus increasing its level in the air on the ISS.

Benzene is a colorless liquid with a specific sweet smell. Included in gasoline and used for production of drugs, plastics, synthetic rubber and dyes. Toxic and carcinogenic.

Now work on the ISS Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and John Wagner, as well as American astronaut Christopher Cassidy, Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken.