In Moscow will earn the fitness clubs, kindergartens, restaurants and cafes

Sports industry resumes in Moscow, opened a fitness clubs and swimming pools, Muscovites now allowed to exercise in outdoor fitness equipment, sit in the gazebos and on Park benches, to hold the wedding ceremony, also to normal mode return to kindergartens and institutions of social protection, and the restaurants and cafes open for their inpatient room.

Earlier Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has announced a schedule for a gradual easing of restrictions in the capital on June 9 was canceled by the regime of permits and isolation, the Muscovites were able to move freely around the city, opened Barber shops, beauty salons and a number of other enterprises, the full amount of earned car-sharing, and theatres and circuses resumed rehearsals of their teams. From June 16, resumed the work of museums, galleries, zoos and summer terraces of cafes and restaurants, dental clinic resumed its planned patients.

Tuesday starts a new stage of the removal of restrictions on the coronavirus in Moscow.

Restaurants and cafes can resume receiving visitors in stationary institutions. A week earlier, from June 16, they were allowed to open summer terraces.

The main condition remains bound to enforce security measures and requirements of the CPS: carrying out cleaning with disinfectants, the contact surfaces, the presence of disinfectants and personal protective equipment, control measuring the temperature of staff and visitors, observance of a distance – tables must be installed at a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

As reported by the mayor, since the resumption of the restaurants and cafes have reached 65% of its volume as before the pandemic. The mayor expressed confidence that over the next month catering in the capital is almost fully restored.

Also from Tuesday for Muscovites opened fitness clubs, swimming pools and fitness centres.

Naturally, they spelled out sanitary-epidemiological requirements that must be observed to protect against coronavirus. So, obligatory preventive disinfection of premises and strict control over the ventilation system. In addition, among the mandatory requirements is the presence of disinfectants and personal protective equipment control measure the temperature of staff and visitors.

In addition, compliance with social distancing should be organized in all areas, and when putting the trainers and group sessions in the pools. Sports equipment, benches, beds need to be disinfected not less than once in two hours.

In addition, halls for sports it is necessary to arrange the ventilation and disinfection of air.

Also Tuesday Muscovites can once again use the elements of urban infrastructure, public spaces and parks - playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment, benches and gazebos.

As previously reported by Deputy Moscow mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova from June 23 to Moscow registry office and the wedding Palace resume conducting the solemn ceremonies of marriage.

Previously, registration of marriage took place only in netorzhestvennoy environment without the presence of guests and photographers. During this period I got married more than 5 thousand pairs. About 30% of newlyweds had postponed marriage to a later date.

After conducting each of the marriage ceremony in the ceremonial hall will take place sanitation and ventilation. Also, according to the Cancer since June 26, the planned resumption of weddings at unusual venues in the capital. There will be subject to the same rules of sanitary safety that a traditional registry office.

At the same time in normal operation return kindergartens, including non-governmental agencies and institutions of social protection of the population. They will strictly comply with all sanitary and epidemiological requirements to exclude the possibility of the spread of viral infection. In the period of the pandemic in kindergartens created a special duty groups up to 12 people, where you can bring the kids.

Activity of tourism agencies and other organizations providing services in the field of tourism, according to the mayor, also resumed in Moscow on June 23. However, the organization of excursions in Moscow would still be impossible.

In addition, will be resumed passenger navigation on the Moscow river.

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