RT has launched a website with stories about the war in Day of memory and grief

RT the Day of memory and grief website launched #of Historiophoty, which collected hundreds of letters from people about how their grandmothers, grandfathers and great grandfathers survived the years of the great Patriotic war, reported on the website of the TV channel.

"On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war, the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan called on to Instagram its readers to submit family stories about the war. She received hundreds of letters from people whose grandfathers and great grandfathers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers lived through those years. In Day of memory and grief, we launched a separate website with these stories that memory lived on," the message reads.

Thus, the site #of Historiophoty you can find more than 260 stories of those who served at the front or were the workers in the rear during the war, written by their relatives or by themselves. In these stories — everything and difficult way of fighting soldiers, and the despair of the inmates of concentration camps, and deprivations of families in the occupied lands of Nazi troops, as well as courage, hope, and love.

Among the stories there are stories about instances of amazing luck and the tragic death or the history of a long search, in which the family tried to understand what had happened to loved ones and where they are buried. While most of the letters ends with an appeal to remember what horrors are the responsibility of the war, to remember the heroism of the people and save the world.

Besides, along with memories and personal archives also published a unique series of artist's sketches of Petra Bank, which he created while working on "Endless letter" in the framework of the project #of Tranycypromine. Also on the website #of Historiophoty was used in a unique font, "May", developed by the team #of Tranycypromine with Contrast Studio Foundry. The prototype of each letter in the font "May" — real characters, inscribed by the hands of Soviet soldiers 75 years ago on the walls of the dilapidated Reichstag.

Added to that created by the young for the young project #of Tranycypromine tells the story of the great Patriotic war through the prism of new media and digital art. The project was developed from January to may 2020 on five social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte and YouTube.

This year, RT also launched a project #of Postponed, which collected the stories of those who survived the siege of Leningrad, painted on the walls of the Reichstag, harbored escaped from the concentration camps of the Soviet soldiers.