Kuznetsova told about the solution to the problem of access to medicines in the regions

It is necessary to develop algorithm of actions for the regional ministries of health in case of shortage of money in the regional budget for the purchase of expensive medicines for children, said the press service of the Ombudsman for children in the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova.

"Despite the existence of court decisions to provide children with the medicines, their implementation in the regions has been delayed for an indefinite period, the reason is the subjects of the Russian Federation is unable to overpower the financing of expensive drugs. Meanwhile, the child not getting the necessary medication becomes severe, irreversible health changes. In this regard, the children's Ombudsman believes that it is necessary now, while the Federal solution is in the development stage, with the involvement of the Ministry of health to consider the algorithm of actions of the regional ministries of health in the absence of sufficient funds in the regional budget to help the child acted immediately",- stated in the message.

While Kuznetsova has previously sent a number of proposals with the solutions to this problems, including phased, incremental funding. In addition, the Ombudsman proposes to create a special Fund to provide pharmaceuticals for patients with SMA.

"The Commissioner for children's rights also suggested that the participants of the round table to hold a separate meeting with representatives of Russian pharmaceutical companies, in order to assess the potential of the domestic pharmaceutical industry in addressing the issue of providing patients with the AGR medical drugs" - is complemented in the press release.

It is specified that all proposals during an online round table discussion about the tactics of patients with SMA medicines will be sent to the government of the Russian Federation.