Representative Jeffrey spoke about the goals of the US in Syria

The US did not insist on the immediate resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russia's withdrawal from the Arab Republic, said the US special envoy on Syria, James Jeffrey.

"The other thing that characterises our approach is that we do not require total victory. We are not saying that Assad must go, we say that Assad and his government must change their behavior. Also we are not saying that the Russians need to leave," said Jeffrey in an online conference at the Middle East Institute.

He added that the United States want to "return to the situation of 2011," that is, when Syria was not Russian and Iranian military. Jeffrey said that despite the fact that the US has always opposed the Russian presence in Syria, "it is not our policy to try to force them to leave".

Earlier in June, the U.S. assistant Secretary of state David Schenker said that Russia should "get out of the Middle East" because it is "destructive role".

During the administration of President Barack Obama, the United States advocated the immediate resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.