About Stonehenge found another ancient monument

A team of archaeologists has discovered another prehistoric site near Stonehenge, according to the website of the University of St Andrews.

It represents more than twenty mines, with a width of about ten meters and a depth of five metres. They form a circle with a diameter of about two kilometers near the Neolithic settlement of Durrington-walls, which is located three kilometers from Stonehenge.

Analysis of rocks taken in the mines, suggests that they were excavated more than 4,500 years ago, around the time of the construction of Durrington-walls.

"Interdisciplinary research facility say that people of the past structure of society was more difficult than we can imagine. They were clearly in a much greater degree than we are now, in harmony with the phenomena of nature," explained Dr. Richard Bates of the School study the Earth and the environment St. Andrews University.

Archaeologists believe that the mines could restrict the sacred territory since the Neolithic period in Britain is associated with the first farmers and ceremonial structures, including Stonehenge.

Mines discovered – the largest find of the Neolithic in the UK. It also suggests that the ancient inhabitants of the British Isles used a system of planning, which helped them to accurately distribute objects even at large distances from each other.

Research conducted by specialists from the universities of Glasgow, Birmingham, St Andrews and Coventry.