GD will adjust the schedule of work for consideration priority projects

The state Duma will adjust your work schedule in July: instead of the two plenary weeks there will be three priority for consideration of bills on the support of the citizens and economy made by the government, told journalists the Chairman of the chamber Vyacheslav Volodin.

"The next question we discussed was consideration of the priority bills of the government of the Russian Federation. We discussed some 43 bills in the list brought. This will require additional meetings in this regard, we offer tomorrow the deputies to approve a new work schedule for the month of July, donate one week, before which we had allocated for the work of the committees, so that not two weeks, been over a month, and three", - said Volodin reporters after the Council of the Duma.

He stressed that these weeks will follow them one after the other, which will allow "qualitatively to consider bills, they all relate to measures to support citizens and the economy."

"We believe that this clearly should be a priority, it supported that decision with a sense of responsibility and the importance of the consideration of these legislative initiatives. It is clear that we have in the portfolio of legislative bills anymore, but we prioritize and we hope that we will be able to consider all these laws", - said Volodin.