Eyewitnesses revealed the circumstances of the death of 18-year-old Russian blogery

The witnesses of the accident that killed 18-year-old blogger Anastasia Tropical, told RBC the details of the incident.

Living in Bali Russian Artem a few minutes later after the accident I saw on the highway a damaged motorcycle.

According to the girl from the Ukraine, which passed after a collision Tropical was lying on the pavement with no signs of life.

"I saw it in the meter and a half from himself. Bike was fifty meters from the place where he lay Anastasia, at the curb, all broken," she said.

Another witness of the accident also noted that at the scene there were two men, they were not injured.

Anastasia Tropical kept a blog about freelancing, make money on the Internet and work on themselves. On the eve of social networks has reported that during a trip on a motorcycle girl lost control and crashed into a curb. She had received a severe head injury from which he died at the scene. In the Russian Embassy in Indonesia confirmed this information.