The speaker commented on reports about the increasing personal income tax for the rich

When making the decision to raise the personal income tax should take into account the difference in salaries in every region, and first and foremost we should talk about fairness to the people, said Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova.

"We have a lot of different approaches being discussed, I would say that it is always at the forefront such a thing as justice, and in this sense, of course, we are talking about some higher wages, so if the subject in principle to discuss," Golikova said in an interview broadcast the "First channel", answering the question, discussed in the government the introduction of a progressive tax.

Golikova noted that, according to the tax service and higher wages in Russia receives a small percentage of the population. According to her, from region to region the average salary level is very different, the average salary in Russia is about 47 thousand rubles.

"But the 47 thousand to 12 times is a lot? It is not enough. So when you're talking about two million dollars for Russian citizen two million is a lot, and a million in a year don't get," she added, noting that this is a very sensitive subject for the Russians.

"I think that you should think always about justice for our people," he said, answering the question of whether to think about improving personal income tax or not.

Now in Russia a flat scale of personal income tax of 13%. Faction "Fair Russia" has directed to the government for approval reviews the package of draft laws on the introduction in Russia of progressive taxation and the tax breaks for the poor, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the press service of the leader SR Sergey Mironov. The draft law proposes the following rates of personal income tax for citizens with income up to 24 million rubles per year – 13%