Valery Tsepkalo: for Belarus will benefit if we change the mode

In Belarus, August 9, presidential elections are held. Among the most prominent candidates for the post Valeriy Tsepkalo. In 1994, he worked in the campaign headquarters of Alexander Lukashenko, who for 26 years he headed the Belarus. With a record of Tsepkalo including the post of first Deputy foreign Minister, Ambassador of the Republic in the United States. He is the Creator of a successful high-tech Park, special tax and legal regime which has brought together hundreds of IT companies and in 2019 has brought Belarus about $ 2 billion. Why Tsepkalo decided to make this year's competition President Alexander Lukashenko, how he sees the place of Belarus on the world stage and what changes inside the country would like to implement, he said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

In Lukashenka's team in 1994 included a lot of decent people. Then, for various reasons, someone has left itself, someone left. I was almost 10 years in the diplomatic service. Yet it is the professional public service in accordance with my profession (Tsepkalo graduate of MGIMO of the USSR. – Approx. ed.). The diplomat just doing his duty, serving the homeland, protecting its interests abroad.

The decision to stand was not spontaneous, and have long been nurtured in bitter watching has stagnated and even degraded the system of public administration, economy and social life in Belarus. Belarus needs changes: the past 10 years, the country is not developed, there is a decline in GDP, real incomes, wages. Even the notorious no stability – we slowly but surely slip into depression. I believe that one of the principles of success are constant changes, not only the personality, but also the society and the authorities.

Plus this situation with COVID-19... Economic opportunities to support in a pandemic, the country is not, but people had at least some good advice to hear. But we have even instead of words of support some strange advice... the State that is present in every element of our life, withdrew in this situation.

— I'm tired of answering someone's fantasies about springste or spoilertv. I decided to go in this campaign on their own, based on my analysis of the situation in Belarus and on the basis of their experience and knowledge on how to change our country, I want to see a free and rich.

Prime is pointless in today's Belarus and with the current Constitution this is not the position. No, I will not do it. I feel more comfortable in the role of an international consultant whose opinion is respectful of the governments that I advise, than to be really nothing decisive in Belarus the Prime Minister. And in any case, my deep conviction is that, in themselves, change is good. We need to change, would it be me or someone else, doesn't matter. Belarus will benefit if we change the political regime. I'm sure someone new came to power, we will still be democracy, market reforms, we will become a cultural European country.

— For the sake of change in his native Belarus, I'm definitely ready for a different kind of coalition. But it is too early to say, we don't know who generally remain at a distance. Now the Union will simply mean removing. I think it's more likely to be negative, because for Belarus it is important to see the widest possible range of views and opportunities for the future. More diversity of opinion, more development programs will be able to see Belarusian... I think it is now much more important than to gather in any one spot.

— In the second round, the lock will certainly be needed. If one of those who pass the second round will be the incumbent President and another opposition politician and if it's not me, then I will support this opposition politician.

We condemned the arrest. My principled position on the so-called economic articles is that if law enforcement have a question to the person in the tax or financial sector, we must first see is he a threat to society if he could commit a crime against the person and whether he has property, business (in the country), because if so, he's not going anywhere.

If you have any questions, let him, continuing to engage in their activities, testifying in the presence of lawyers. Why detain him or any other businessman for economic crimes? Their government will always take: underpaid taxes, it is proven — let them pay their fines, next time will pay taxes.

At least, it looks like. It seems that in the eyes of most of the population of Belarus, it looks like links in a chain.

I just move in the political process, not allow any violations of the act in strict compliance with the Belarusian legislation. Are there any concerns? On this account I do not think.

Me, my wife has to deal with false accusations and dirty hints. But we have nothing to hide, skeletons in the closets, even looking for those who have nothing to do or in this is seen the sacred meaning of their service. But I am sincerely sorry for such specialists, and especially the officers, for whom duty and honor must be Holy and, in my opinion, hardly combined with digging in someone else's underwear...

— One of the reasons for my resignation, I no explained. I can assume that it was caused by my confrontation with the Prosecutor and SK for planting IT-entrepreneurs. Not the last role is played and we have a common practice of anonymous letters.

As for financing, it is carried out in accordance with national legislation. I spend personal funds, the proceeds from the sale of the house. I built this house seven years, sold it at a discount about 25% for the right of repurchase. Also funds for the election will be in the form of donations from individuals. There are volunteers who work for the idea, free.

I agree, everything should be transparent, the voter should know everything about the candidates, what means they live. The transparency of all the candidates is a right of the voter. This also applies to Lukashenka, including the use of budgetary funds on the maintenance of the bureaucracy and the President.

— I'll end up with their voters. I don't feel entitled to call (to go out) into the street, risking their freedom, health, and, perhaps, life. But if civil society will rise up, I, of course, will be on the square or on the street, anywhere, but with his people. Otherwise it would be a betrayal.

— Of course. Awakened civil society needs its institutions (parties, movements) and new leaders. This truly popular enthusiasm and euphoria of hope we saw in Belarus for more than twenty years, it is impossible to lose, to forget, to give such civic enthusiasm to dissolve into nothingness.

— Russia, where else? I think special explanation is not required.