The DNR hope to pass through a checkpoint in the Donbass will start without provocation

The envoy of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic in the contact group, foreign Minister DND Natalia Nikonorova expressed hope that the resumption of passage of people through a checkpoint in the Donbass on the territory of the NPT, scheduled for June 25, will start without provocation from Kiev.

In March because of the situation with coronavirus COVID-19 people pass through the line of contact in Donbas was suspended. From June 22, the DNR began to pass people through the checkpoint "Elenovka" on Kiev-controlled territory. The foreign Ministry of the Republic stated that from June 25, is scheduled to begin skipping those wishing to enter the territory of the DNI, but given the number of conditions aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus infection.

The representative of DND expressed gratitude to international organizations, "which influence the representatives of Kiev". "I hope that the next stage of the resumption of PPC "Elenovka" – pass wishing to enter the territory of the Republic according to the lists of the interdepartmental staff – will also start without provocation from the Ukrainian side," - said the February.

By the decision of Kiev in 2015 with uncontrolled Ukrainian authorities territories of Donbas entered in the transmission mode. To enter or leave the breakaway DNI and LC is possible only through checkpoints or through the territory of the Russian Federation. In the Donetsk region, there are four crossing points. The LC is valid only pedestrian checkpoint "Stanitsa Lugansk". OSCE observers said that the transport and economic blockade leads to humanitarian disaster in the region, and urged to open more crossing points.