"Roscosmos" showed how the shadow from a solar Eclipse passes along the Ground

Russian hydrometeorological satellite "Electro-L" number 2 made the passage of the shadow of the annular solar Eclipse on the earth's surface, dynamic image published in the microblog of "Roscosmos" on Twitter.

As previously reported by the Moscow planetarium, annular solar Eclipse, when the Moon completely covers the Sun, were able to observe 21 June in the Central African Republic, Congo and Ethiopia, to the South of Pakistan and Northern India, and China. With Russia it was possible to see only a partial Eclipse, when the Moon covers the Sun completely.

The image shows like the shadow from a solar Eclipse runs from West to East, from East Africa to Southeast Asia.

Satellite "Electro-L" number 2 was put into orbit in December 2015, and is currently working on a geostationary orbit (circular orbit with altitude of 35 thousand 786 kilometers) in a point of 76 degrees East longitude, located over the Indian ocean.