General of the FSB commented on the detention of the Kursk police for treason

FSB General Alexander Mikhailov suggested that the detainee for treason, the chief of the district police Department in the Kursk region Dmitry Borzenkov could in the future to assist with reconnaissance and sabotage groups in Ukraine.

Earlier, the FSB stated that Borzenkov detained for the transfer of the security Service of Ukraine secret information constituting a state secret. Lefortovo court of Moscow arrested him on June 20. The representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the region told RIA Novosti that Borzenkov worked as the chief of OMVD of Russia on the Zolotukhinskiy district a little more than two months he suspended and will be dismissed from the police.

"Buying this kind of agent, you can provide support other actions that could hold the Ukrainian secret services on the territory of the Russian Federation. Plus I do not exclude that the question was posed prolongirovanne not rule out that he could use it as a resident and he was able to create an appropriate intelligence network. He could be a person assisting a variety of reconnaissance and sabotage groups penetrating into the territory of Russia from Ukraine. And it could be seen as someone who can go somewhere further and then it will be useful for exploration in the wider sense of the word," - said Mikhailov.

"It is difficult to judge the basis on which he was recruited, because there are many different kinds of techniques. I exclude only one element of recruitment is ideological and political. Either it was the money he was offered, or it was some dirt, which helped to persuade this man to the side of the SBU," - said a member of the Supreme Council of the Russian movement "Russia is Strong".