Butchers told about "the gene for heroes"

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov, the TV channel "Russia 1" said that people who are able without hesitation to rush to the salvation of others "is, probably, the gene of heroes."

He cited the example of the heroism of a girl who rescued a child from train tracks, the heroism of Shavarsh Karapetyan, who pulled out of the water dozens of people, a boy trying to save sister from rapist, as well as the flight attendant burning in Sheremetyevo SSJ-100. Butchers also cited the example of the volunteers that help during a pandemic coronavirus infection.

The doctor asked a question, what is heroism — a conscious decision or reflex. Myasnikov believes that it is the education, which works to the very last moment. He believes that it is possible to educate people, but "there is a certain species of people — the people are heroes at heart, people, ready to exploit".

The butchers admitted that he wondered, and would he give his life for another person.

"And what would I have think I have the answer is no, because until your time comes, you don't know yourself, you never know! I saw people who were running away. But I must say, I never aloud not condemned", — he explained.

Butchers said that doesn't know what he would do if in a similar situation.