Putin showed the data archive about the veterans and home front workers

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the visit to Moscow of a Museum complex "Road of memory" in the Park "Patriot" acquainted with the virtual archive, which contains information about tens of millions of soldiers, war workers, and blockade.

Gallery "memory Road" is a historic multimedia center, built around the main temple of the Armed forces. The Museum is located at a key point where the red Army during the great Patriotic war kept the defense of Moscow. The length of the gallery - 1418 meters, the number of days of the war. The main element of this package - photo gallery "River of time" with information about veterans, partisans and residents of besieged Leningrad, home front workers. This virtual archive includes over 30 million names and is constantly updated with new information and photos.

Footage of the head of state demonstrate the work of the archive, opening a photo and a biography of his father-veteran, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, was shown in the TV channel "Russia 1".

Portrait of a father, before the great Patriotic war served in the submarine fleet, is kept in the office of Putin. The head of state with portrait of Vladimir Spiridonovich takes part in the procession of the Immortal regiment.