The representative of the EC commented on the idea of Egypt's military assistance to Libya

The European Union supports the complete stop of hostilities in Libya and urged all foreign state, in relation to the conflict to facilitate Descalzi of conflict in the country and the resumption of negotiations under UN auspices.

"No one is interested in escalation in the region... We are very concerned about this. It is urgent to reduce tension, foreign forces involved in this matter should work to reduce tensions, not aggravate the situation", - told reporters the representative of the EC Peter Stano, responding to a question about recent statements of the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, including a proposal for military assistance to the Libyan tribes.

According to the representative of the European Commission, to achieve a settlement in Libya is possible only under the UN auspices and within the framework of the Berlin process. Stano, in particular, urged to resume negotiations in the "5 5", in which participation of the military representing both sides in the conflict in Libya. "The idea is to reach a permanent ceasefire and start negotiations", - said the European official.

The President of Egypt, speaking at a military base in the town of Sidi Barrani close to the border with Libya, said earlier that Egypt is ready to assist the Libyan tribes in the fight against foreign intervention, training and arming them. The President also noted that any direct interference of Egypt in Libya now will be legitimate under international law. According to him, the "red line" for the advance of troops is the city of Sirte, located about 900 kilometers from the border with Egypt, and the province Dzhufra.

Fears Egypt is, in particular, military assistance to the authorities in Tripoli from Turkey.

In Libya, the confrontation between the national consensus Government (NTC) Fayeza Zarraga, which controls Tripoli and areas to the West of the country, and the Libyan national army under the command of Khalifa the Haftarot, more than a year trying to recapture the capital. Both sides claim that opponents are using weapons and manpower from the outside. In recent weeks, the NTC forces have reported significant progress in the battle for Tripoli and announced the intention to build on the success, to establish control over the city of Sirte and other areas to the East of the capital.