Detained on suspicion of treason dismissed

Employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the Kursk region, suspected of treason, removed from office, told RIA Novosti the representative office.

"He is currently suspended" - said the interviewee.

She noted that running the procedure for the dismissal of an employee of internal Affairs bodies on negative grounds.

The representative of the Ministry noted that Borzenkov worked as head of OMVD Russia in the Zolotukhinskiy district April 15, 2020.

"It was a routine rotation of personnel. He was a decent enough performance, and he was transferred to the unit a little more to the territory prior to that, he worked as the head of the police Department solntsevskaya district", - added the interlocutor.

Earlier, the FSB announced that the chief of the district police Department in the Kursk region Dmitry Borzenkov arrested for passing classified information constituting a state secret, the security Service of Ukraine.