In Mordovia has abolished the quarantine for arriving from other regions

The authorities of Mordovia quashed introduced because of the pandemic coronavirus isolation for entering the Republic, according to oberstab region.

The changes the head of the Mordovia Republic on Monday has made its decree on measures against coronavirus infection.

"Cut the posts at the borders of the Republic. Abolished the quarantine for arriving to the Republic from other regions of Russia", - stated in the message oberstab Republic. This preserves the two-week isolation for guests from abroad and those who live with them.

It is emphasized that the mode of increased readiness in the region is maintained. "Still need to observe any isolation of persons older than 65 years (allowed not walk more than two people, visit shops, exit to the suburban area, trash removal, movement to the place of work and back, coming to the polling place and back)", - stated in the message.

In addition, in Mordovia remains masono-glove mode in shops, transport, visits to enterprises, organizations, workplaces. Inhabitants of Republic it is necessary to remember about social distancing.

In Mordovia, for the last day was 54 new cases of the disease. The government identified 3 040 cases COVID-19. Recovered 1 862 people have died 23.

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