The expert commented on the refusal of Russia from the radar "Balkhash" in Kazakhstan

The decision on decommissioning of the radar stations of the Russian system of missile warning (EWS) Balkhash located in Kazakhstan, is timely and will not affect the security of Russia, told RIA Novosti chief editor of the magazine "national defense", a member of the public Council at the Russian defense Ministry Igor Korotchenko.

Earlier, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin supported the denunciation of the agreement with Kazakhstan on the use of the Balkhash radar in the Russian System of missile warning, according to which Russia refuses to use this station.

"Currently, Russia has already built a new radar high prefabrication type "Voronezh", included in the system of early warning system, so all missile-threat directions we have covered. Ground and space echelon EWS today are working properly and fix any missile launches," said Korotchenko.

The expert noted that the concentration of all important elements of the EWS directly on the territory of Russia meets the requirements of national security.

Part of the Kazakhstan Balkhash radar station includes radar "Dnepr", used in the Russian system of missile warning and space control.

This is not the first case of decommissioning of the radar, located on the territory of post-Soviet States. So, in 2012, stopped working the Russian station type 5Н79 "DTV" in Gabala (Azerbaijan).

To date, Russia has commissioned a new radar station "Voronezh-M" under Orsk, which replaced the station on the territory of Kazakhstan.