Media: workers acoperi "Estonia" accused the Director of harassment

Former and current workers of the national Opera "Estonia" accusing its Director Aivar mäe in the humiliation of women, inappropriate jokes and comments, as well as harassment, said on Monday, the newspaper Eesti Ekspress.

He myae denies all charges. "This hex", - said the publication Director, adding that the blame thus a man everyone can, and if it really was like telling women they should go to court.

Sixty Aivar mäe's a theater since 2009. He is the recipient of various awards, was awarded the prestigious order of the White star and has serious merit to the theatre. In 2019, the national Opera "Estonia" under the leadership of the NEA for the first time in 30 years, went on tour at the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow.

The portal of Estonian public broadcasting ERR reported on Monday that the Council of the National Opera "Estonia" will gather for an extraordinary meeting to discuss allegations of harassment, addressed to the NEA. The meeting date is not yet determined.

National Opera "Estonia" theatre of Opera and ballet, Dating from 1865, when in Tallinn was based music and song society "Estonia". In the entire history of the existence the theatre had several names: the Opera and ballet Theatre "Estonia" national Opera and ballet theatre of the Estonian SSR, and others. Since 1998, the theatre is officially called the national Opera "Estonia".