Celebrities celebrated father's Day

. Many celebrities around the world celebrated father's Day by making posts on instagram.

So, David Beckham has put his children's black and white photo with father and wrote: "Thank you for the drive that you gave me, and the work ethic that leads to success".

The former footballer also shared a photo of their children, writing: "I am happy and proud to be your father. I love you."

The official instagram of Prince Charles his children the black-and-white photo with parents Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth, who holds the Princess Royal, as well as picture at a Polo match with his own sons William and Harry.

Prince William, who celebrated not only father's day but also his 38th birthday, posted in instagram photo with three children: George, Charlotte and Louis.

Actor John Boyega, known for her role in the movie "Star wars" posted a picture of himself to his father, thanking him for everything: "I remember everything that makes you great, and my dream is to be the same as you."

Rapper Drake posted a photo of his two year old son Adonis, made early in the morning, and congratulated all the fathers on the holiday.

Actor Victor Dobronravov also posted a picture with his father, writing: "Love your dad".