In North Carolina two people died in the shooting and hitting of the car

Two people were killed and 12 injured in the shooting and hitting cars in the city of Charlotte in North Carolina in the United States, reports local TV station WBTV.

The incident occurred on Monday night. As stated in the police Department, it all started with them received a call about a man who was hit by a car. At the scene police found a crowd of hundreds of people on the street. At this point the shooting began.

According to police, two people died from the resulting fire wounds, and seven victims were hospitalized. The police shot several people. At the moment the detention was carried out. Later, it was reported that five people were injured as a result of collision of cars. According to doctors, the condition of five or six victims is estimated as heavy.

According to witnesses, a large crowd of people on the street was associated with the celebration of Juneteenth (nya liberation of slaves).