Forecasters said the weather in Moscow in day of the Victory parade

Partly cloudy, which will not prevent the aerial part of the parade, no rain and the temperature is expected to plus 25 the day of the parade in Moscow, reported RIA Novosti, leading expert of the center weather "Phobos" Alexander Sinenko.

"On June 24, the day of the Victory parade, the weather will be comfortable: partly cloudy light rain, maximum temperature 23-25 degrees, at the beginning of the parade - 20-22 degrees. Northern wind of 3-8 m / sec to 5-10 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure is about normal," - said Sinenko.

According to the forecaster at the beginning of the parade of clouds in the course of the day can be cloudy, but the conduct of the aerial part of the parade they will be fine.

Victory day parade on red square in Moscow in may 2020, due to the epidemiological situation was postponed. The celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war will be held on June 24.