One of those killed in the attack in reading is a U.S. citizen

One of the victims in the attack in the English city of reading is a U.S. citizen, the newspaper Philadelphia Inquirer.

On Saturday evening in the city Park reading 25-year-old man of Libyan origin with a knife attacked several people, with the result that three were wounded and three were killed. The assailant was arrested the same evening. The police on Sunday morning said that the incident was linked to terrorism and called the name of the assailant, Hairy Saadalla.

According to the publication, the attack killed 39-year-old native of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Joe Ritchie-Bennett. As stated by the father of the deceased Robert, his son moved to England about 15 years ago. At first he worked in a law firm in London and then got a job in the Dutch pharmaceutical company, the headquarters of which is located in reading.

Earlier, the head of the counter-terrorism unit of Scotland Yard Neil Basu said that the victims of the attacker were completely random people, and the attack has nothing to do with the past in the city earlier rally in support of the rights of the black population. The motivation of the attacker is not yet clear, Saadalla acted alone.

The investigation continues, police interviewed more than 40 witnesses and is asking all witnesses to contact the investigation team. In the night of Sunday, the police raided an apartment house in reading where, presumably, the detainee lived.