In Turkey reported, how to deal with tourists, which will identify the coronavirus

In Turkey told how to deal with tourists, which will identify the coronavirus, according to ATOR.

The Minister of tourism and culture Mehmet Ersoy recently met with ambassadors from 50 countries, in the course of the conversation, he told me what measures the country has introduced for the safe stay of tourists. According to the Turkish side, representatives of the Russian Federation at the meeting was.

In particular, at the meeting with diplomats Ersoy stated that no inquiries about the lack of coronavirus arriving from abroad is not required fourteen day quarantine and they are not threatened.

All tourists on arrival will be non-contact thermometry. If the sensors show that the temperature at the visitor above 37.8 degrees or does it have any other suspicious symptoms, it at the airport in special medical items he will do a free test for coronavirus.

If the test result is negative, the guest will proceed to the hotel. If the test is positive, it will send you to the hospital. There, doctors will decide whether you need treatment or is sufficient to comply with quarantine at the hotel.

If human health is not serious (e.g., asymptomatic disease), then he is allowed to stay in an isolated area. In each of the hotels, received a special "certificate of health" must be established "quarantine room." If the treatment takes two weeks or more, placement will provide free services during the additional days.

If tourist requires medical attention, it will be in the hospital until full recovery. For such cases, Turkey offers additional insurance that will cover the cost of treatment. The cost of insurance that covers the medical expenses in the amount of three thousand euros, amount to 15 Euro up to five thousand from 19 € up to seven thousand, EUR 23. Such an insurance mechanism will start on 1 July.

To purchase insurance for the treatment COVID-19 will be buying tickets for airlines, airports and before passport control, online and through tour operators.

The experts of the Association note that for insurers coronavirus COVID-19 is not something extraordinary and requires a separate health insurance traveling abroad.

As emphasized by Ersoy, touristic province of Turkey coronavirus pandemic affected the least. So, in Antalya, home to 2.4 illion people were only 472 cases COVID-19. In the province of Mugla, where the resorts of the Aegean coast, less than 300 cases. "For these reasons, we can resume tourism in Turkey," said Turkish Minister.