DPRK restores the loudspeakers on the border with South Korea

The DPRK re-establishes on the border of the propaganda loudspeakers that was previously dismantled on the basis of agreements with South Korea, according to Yonhap news Agency, citing a military source.

According to him, the South Korean military noticed relevant activity in the areas of forward-deployed North Korean troops. Repeaters are reported to be deployed at several points of the demilitarized zone.

In accordance Panmunjom Declaration, signed by leaders of North and South April 27, 2018, with may of the same year the parties agreed to cease all hostilities, including propaganda broadcast and leaflet distribution in the area of the military demarcation line and remove all the means by which they can be implemented. As a result, the DPRK had removed the speakers from about 40 points from their part of the demilitarized zone.

According to the Agency, in the event of confirmation of the installation of the repeaters, the South Korean military will also restore your objects to implement the broadcasting.

Relations of Seoul and Pyongyang worsened due to the ongoing in South Korea, shares some of the organizations that are using plastic bottles with hot air being moved to the territory of the DPRK propaganda leaflets. North Korea has repeatedly demanded the cessation of these activities in accordance with the joint statement of the leaders of South and North 2018 waiver of hostility against each other. But activists continued to send the leaflets, and Pyongyang declared that "his patience is over."

Despite the Express promises of the South Korean government to take a number of measures designed to smooth over the situation and to prevent the activists to send leaflets North Korea at reconciliation did not go. The sixteenth of June, the DPRK blasted situated on its territory near the demilitarized zone (DMZ) in Kaesong, the building of the coordinating Bureau of South Korea. The next day, the General staff of the DPRK announced that it will introduce troops to the border areas and will resume teaching there, return civilian police to the posts of the military police in the demilitarized zone, which were released by agreement with the South in 2018, and will once again campaign against South Korea.