China experienced the Maglev train, capable of speeds up to 600 km/h

. China has successfully tested the Maglev trains, which can reach the speed of 600 km/h. the prototype of the new trains rolled off of the Assembly lines in Qingdao in may last year, now experience it in Shanghai.

The developers claim that the new composition will be the fastest vehicle to travel at distances up to 1500 km. It is the length of the path between Beijing and Shanghai. The new train will carry passengers between the two cities for 3.5 hours. For comparison: for travel Beijing-Shanghai by plane with all the formalities at the airport takes 4.5 hours high speed train ride for 5.5 hours.

Previously, the Chinese press wrote that the next step to improve the speed of railway transport will be the so-called vacuum trains when the transport moves thanks to magnetic levitation on the pipe from which air is pumped out. Such compounds can reach the speed of 1500 km/h (416 m/sec).

Testing a supersonic train is scheduled to begin in April 2021 at South-West Jiaotong University in Chengdu (Prov. Sichuan), said one of the study leaders, Professor Zhang Weihua.

According to him, it is for the vacuum trains – future of railway transportation. Now Chinese high-speed trains reach speeds of up to 400 km/h. However, the ceiling rate for rail transport is 600 km/h, which is expected to exceed the Maglev and vacuum trains, the specialist explained.