It turned out, when do you plan to start regular flights to Turkey

It turned out, when do you plan to resume regular flights to Turkey, according to ATOR.

Turkish Airlines has announced a new date of resumption of flights abroad in July. In the Turkish carrier's schedule are flights to 123 international destinations in North America, Asia, middle East, Africa, Europe.

Available for booking flights to Russia. If earlier the airline was planning to fly in July only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, now in the list of cities and Krasnodar.

In the message carrier is not specified the points of departure from Turkey, so it is not clear whether this is flight only from Istanbul or possible flights from Antalya.

Stating that Turkey is ready to restore air links with Russia in mid-July, again, said Minister of tourism and culture Mehmet Ersoy. In an interview with the Turkish edition of Sputnik, he suggested that flights could begin on July 15. However, that opening flight response is necessary the consent of the Russian side. "Of course, Russia must be ready, we are ready," he said.

Experts commented on the plans of the Turkish side and the information that appears in the Russian media about the timing of the resumption of flights abroad. Observers assessed the likelihood of a resumption of regular flights to Turkey in July to "high", considering Russia's intention to restart international flights from July 15. According to sources, ATOR, most likely, it will be flights only to Istanbul, which, however, will not prevent the Russian tourists to get to with connections to the resorts of Antalya and the Aegean coast.

"In the first phase we are talking about the restoration of the missions mainly in the CIS countries. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and a number of other post-Soviet States. Thus, the Russians will be able to travel to Europe via Minsk, to Asia through Astana, Ashgabat or Tashkent", — experts say.

There is a certain probability for the resumption of flights to a number of European countries with favorable epidemiological situation. It may be Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Baltic countries, Malta, Finland and Italy. "The restoration of flights to EU countries correlates with the EU's plans on opening external borders from July 15," — experts stress Association.

According to sources, the decision to relaunch regular international flights may be declared July 1.

As for the mass tourist traffic, the restart may be shifted in September, says ATOR. The reason – the new outbreak of coronavirus, which happened, for example, in China and Israel.

"Large-scale opening of foreign flights, both scheduled and Charter, will likely occur in September. How to restart their flight programs in the Russian direction in the fall I think many foreign airlines. Then will come clarity, and Charter transportation as the main season in the South is complete, and the task of filling inland resorts can be considered closed," said sources ATOR.