The Embassy has commented on the death in Bali blogers Tropical

Embassy of Russia in Indonesia addresses the issue of death in a traffic accident on the island of Bali, 18-year-old Russian woman Anastasia zubrin; known on social networks as Nasty Tropical, told RIA Novosti press attache of the Russian Embassy Denis Tatushin.

On the death in a traffic accident on the Indonesian island of Bali, the Russian blogger-"millionth" Nastya Tropical became known on Sunday from messages in social networks. According to information from social networks, sport bike, which was ruled by the Russian, following the speed limit, suddenly lost control and crashed into a curb. She has suffered a severe head injury from which he died at the scene.

Tropical, who was born and raised in St. Petersburg, led the blogs since the age of 12, wrote about the independence and freedom of choice, overcoming fears by plunging into what causes fear, on the work of freelancing. Itself the blogger in your life to follow these principles and called subscribers, which is only in her Instagram account had more than a million, to follow her example.

"We brake not the circumstances and people, and our fears, we are afraid to step out of the comfort zone and be different from others, but I chose this path," wrote zubrin;.

According to information from social networks, the Russian arrived in Bali last year. Sports bike, on which it crashed, was hers Anastasia mastered on the island riding a scooter, bought a high-speed motorcycle shortly before the tragedy and learned to control it.