In Indonesia, investigating attack by hackers on the database with test data for COVID-19

The government of Indonesia is investigating the alleged hacking attack on a government database tests COVID 230 thousand people, according to the newspaper Straits Times.

Earlier in mass media there was information that an unknown hacker hacked into a government database containing data for 230 thousand people tested for COVID-19. A hacker calling themselves Database Shopping, put up for sale the database on the platform of the Raid Forums. However, he offered to sell all the information for $ 300.

The Indonesian authorities denied the information that data of the population of the country flowed into the network. As stated by the head of the Ministry of communications and information country johnny plate, his office jointly with the national Agency responsible for cybersecurity, watching the information about the leak.

"Database COVID-19 and test results are secure in the center of processing and storing data of the Ministry," said plate. He added that checks will be in relation to data centres in other ministries and state institutions to ensure that they were not hacked.

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