South Korea has threatened a military response to the launch, the DPRK drones

South Korea threatened to give a "military response" if North Korea will launch into its territory drones to spread propaganda leaflets, said Monday the news Agency Yonhap, citing a source in the command of South Korean armed forces.

"If they used tools such as drones, then there is nothing left, how to give a military response", - quotes Agency the words of the source.

The official representative of the joint chiefs of staff of the armed forces of the Republic of Korea Kim Jung Cancer, told reporters that Seoul is closely following the action 24 hours a day. "We support the reliable readiness for any opportunities," he said.

Pyongyang informed the Central cable Agency of Korea (KCNA) reported that the DPRK is ready to launch 3 thousands of air cylinders 12 million propaganda leaflets to South Korea. On this Pyongyang gone in relation to the "inability of the authorities of Seoul" stop sending on the territory of the DPRK activists antipregnancy organizations propaganda leaflets on plastic containers with the heated air inside.

If for the transfer of propaganda leaflets will be used drones, it would be a violation of inter-Korean agreements from 2018 on the no-fly zone along the military-demilitarized line between North and South. However, it is possible that Pyongyang may distribute leaflets to the sea.