The pole of cold in Yakutia, the air temperature warmed up to 38 degrees

The air temperature in Yakutsk city Verkhoyansk, also known as the Northern pole of cold, is warmed up to plus 38 degrees Celsius, the reason of such weather in the sharply continental climate of Yakutia and powerful anticyclone from the East, to the 27th of June, the temperature in this city will fall to plus 15 degrees, told RIA Novosti the head of the Yakut Department of Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring, Tatiana Marshalik.

To be called the coldest point of the Northern hemisphere of the Earth claim two villages of Yakutia, Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon, where temperatures were recorded below minus 67 degrees Celsius. In the town of Verkhoyansk in February 1892, was recorded at minus 67.8 degrees.

According to the chief meteorologist of the Republic, for the Northern regions of Yakutia 30-degree heat in the summer is normal, but more often high temperatures come in July and not in June.

Previously the scientific Director of hydrometeorological centre Roman Vilfand has told RIA Novosti that the daytime temperatures in Northern Siberia this week will exceed the norm by 10-12 degrees. If this anticyclone will stay another week, increase the risks of wildfires.