Charter flights from Moscow for the first time will begin to fly to Buryatia

Charter flights from Moscow to tourists for the first time will begin to fly in Buryatia since the beginning of July until nearly the end of September, reported RIA Novosti in the Ministry of tourism of the Republic.

Currently, the regional Ministry of tourism together with regional tour operators and tour operator TUI Russia are organizing Charter flights to Buryatia from Moscow.

Flights "Ural airlines" scheduled from "Domodedovo" with a frequency of once in 9 days.

Routes are most focused on meeting with Baikal: five days you will spend on the shores of the great lakes. South Baikal is enkheluk and Dry with a visit to the Baikal state nature biosphere reserve (Central estate of the reserve, Baikal station banding birds). The Eastern route of the Baikal – Goryachinsk, Maksimikha and Gremyachinsk, excursions in Barguzin valley, chivyrkuyskogo the Bay on the Ushkanyi Islands, the Holy nose Peninsula.

The tour program includes visits to the most interesting and emblematic places of tourist attraction in the Republic is the capital of the Republic of Ulan-Ude, Ivolginsky datsan, familiarity with the culture of Semei in the village of Tarbagatai, with the life, traditions and Buryat cuisine in the ethno-complexes "Steppe nomad".