In Syria the military of Russia and Syria have conducted training of parade of the Victory

Servicemen of the Russian forces in Syria held a dress rehearsal of the parade dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, the training was also attended by the Syrian military.

In total, the exercise involved more than a thousand soldiers.

The pedestrian system passed control officers and soldiers of the troops, mixed aviation regiment, medical detachment of special purpose military police unit, a military orchestra and a combined front calculation servicemen-women.

"For me it is pride. I am an officer in the fourth generation. I have three great-grandfather, great uncle, great aunt fought. For me it is a great honour and pleasure to participate in the parade," - said the head of the Department of military police of Armed forces of the Russian Federation Vadim Ivanov.

Marched on the parade ground and members of the armed forces of Syria. Among them were representatives of the Maritime Academy of sun cap, special forces army and air force Syrian Arab Republic, as well as the assault regiment of special purpose "Commandos".

In the composition of the mechanized column in the parade ground drove a Russian armored cars "Tiger-M" and "Typhoon", the BTR-82A armored vehicles, anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems "Armour" and military equipment ground units of the Syrian armed forces. In total, the exercise involved more than 50 cars.

In addition, the air portion of the exercise involved helicopters Mi-8АТМШ, Mi-35, SA-342 Gazelle and the su-24, su-34 and su-35.

In Day of memory and sorrow the soldiers of the airbase Hamim also participated in all-Russian action "Candle of memory" dedicated to the 79th anniversary of the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945.

The military command and the Russian group in Syria, laid flowers at the monument to Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky. Then the rector of the Church of the prophet Elias, Archpriest Kirill (he is also the assistant commander of group on work with the faithful) held a memorial service for soldiers who died during the great Patriotic war.