Bolton's book distorts the truth about the negotiations with North Korea, said in Seoul

The memoirs of former US presidential Advisor John Bolton distort the truth about the talks between Washington, Pyongyang and Seoul, said the administration of President of South Korea.

The representative of the administration on Monday told reporters the position in relation to the book of the head of the national security office of Chong Yy Ena. He believes that Bolton, in his book only expressed his "personal vision" of what is happening, including negotiations of senior officials of the DPRK, the United States and South Korea, which "does not reflect the reality and in many ways distorts it."

He also stated that unilateral disclosure of Bolton information about the content of negotiations "violates the most elementary principles of diplomacy," and undermines trust between governments.

"We expect that the United States will take serious measures to prevent such dangerous occasions. Such illegal activities can severely hurt the two countries from the point of view of safety and preservation, development of the overall strategy of the us-South Korean Alliance", - said Jong-Yong Yy.

The opinion of most of the presidential administration is reflected in the fact that the book Bolton "distorts the facts".

Bolton has written a book of memoirs about working with trump, she should be out on June 23. The publication of the book was repeatedly postponed after the White house declared that Bolton is going to publish secret information. Among other things, the book Bolton said that trump didn't want to see South Korean President mun Jae in for talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

Earlier, the court refused to satisfy the request of the administration, prohibiting the release of the book "the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house," as thousands of copies have already been sent to stores across the country and abroad, and the contents leaked to the media. The judge agreed that Bolton violated the procedure of approval of the manuscript with the authorities, giving it in print, and recognized that he could disclose sensitive information.

According to the court, now Bolton or get fame and money, if there's no classified information, or it shall be a criminal prosecution, if it is there. Trump welcomed the judge's words and vowed that Bolton will pay a high price for breaking the law.