Jeanine Agnes agreed to hold General elections in Bolivia on 6 September

Interim President of Bolivia Janine Agnes said he will sign the law on elections under pressure from the candidates and denied allegations of delaying the process to save power.

Agnes urged the main candidates - Luis Arce from the socialists of the movement, Evo Morales and Carlos Mesa from the right-wing forces, as well as the ex-President Morales - to take responsibility for the choices in the midst of a pandemic, which they require, and stressed that he had not received any scientific justification of the validity and security of this process.

The politician also denied the accusations of his opponents of deliberately delaying the electoral process, stressing that the existing danger of holding mass events. Previously, it was proposed to postpone the election for one or two months.

The Senate of Bolivia in the night of may 1 has passed a law which established a 90-day period, not later than August 2, for the elections. But Agnes, who is also a candidate in the elections, did not sign the law, saying that holding elections in August could pose a threat to public health in the epidemic COVID-19. At the extraordinary session of the Parliament rejected comments Agnes, and the law entered into force. In early June, the electoral court of Bolivia in coordination with the political forces of the country has postponed the General election until September 6 because of the pandemic coronavirus.

After opposition in Bolivia led by Carlos Mesa said on mass violations in the elections on 20 October 2019, the country's President Evo Morales under the pressure of war, resigned and left the country. After it had retired all the top leadership of Bolivia, the government passed the opposition Vice-speaker of the Senate Jeannine Agnes. Authorities announced the holding of new presidential elections. Morales is forbidden to participate in them as a candidate, he is in Argentina, where headed the presidential campaign of his "Movement towards socialism".