The study showed that parents buy for their children

Parents get children sporting goods less than clothes, shoes and toys - about once a year, whereas a closet is updated every two to three months, follows from the data of the research project Children Mail.ru at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

It is noted that the most popular categories of children's products that parents bought in the last six months were clothing (93%), footwear (85%) and toys (66%). They are followed by books (63%) and hygiene products (59%). Sports uniforms and equipment acquired 49% and 37% respectively. Parents also noted that more often than not are looking for products on the Internet for reviews and come to the store and choose everything is in place — so said 87%. Prepare for trips to the store and focus on online recommendations, 30% of respondents, advice from friends only 10%.

Clarifies that a third of respondents last such shopping is managed in the sum from one thousand to 3 thousand rubles, from 3-5 thousand rubles spent 27%. More than 5 thousand roubles left in the store 30%.

A little less frequently updated, and children's shoes in the Shoe shops, 35 percent of parents look every four to five months, the same amount every six months, every two to three months have to change shoes to children 27% of respondents. The average check last purchase, according to 38% of parents, was released in 1-3 thousand rubles, from 3-5 thousand paid 31% of parents.

Toys are purchased approximately every six months or so do 20% of respondents. Every two or three months go into stores 19% once a month 18%. Spending on them is about to one thousand roubles (34%) or up to 3 thousand rubles (32%).

"The new sporting goods buy less often. From six months to a year ago acquired something from this category 25% of parents, more than a year ago — 21%. The most popular purchases were a form of sport (34%), scooters (26%), bicycles (25%) and goals (23%). Costs them on the average does not exceed 3 thousand rubles (47%)," reads the study.

Also, according to the survey, many parents have a positive attitude to children's things, which were used by other children. So 67% admitted that they buy or take baby second hand clothes often or sometimes. However, 33% insist on buying only new products. Most parents take or acquire second-hand sports equipment, e.g. bikes, scooters, skis (56%), books (56%), clothes (54%), tutorials (50%) and footwear (31%).

Goods that were already in use, after the new owners most often passed on to relatives or friends (69%) or saved for younger children (26%). Every fifth family after repeated socks of these things throws, much we give them to orphanages or poor families. Sell children's used goods ads on the sites of 17%.

The survey was conducted from 4 to 13 March 2020 among the more 13,1 thousands of users of the project Children Mail.ru.