The historian spoke about the relations of Germany with England in the 1930-ies

The Deputy führer of the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler's Nazi party, Rudolf Hess was the main initiator of the establishment of secret contacts with Germany, Britain in the mid 1930-ies, evidenced by archival materials, said in an interview with RIA Novosti historian of special services, doctor of philosophical Sciences Vladimir Makarov.

Hess on 10 may 1941, alone, he flew from Germany to the UK. Documents about this event, considered one of the main mysteries of the Second world war, London is still not declassified in full. However, professional historians agree that Hess wanted to convince the British to conclude peace with Germany before the attack on the USSR. In 1946, during the Nuremberg trials, Hess was sentenced to life imprisonment, which he served in Berlin's Spandau prison. He died on 17 August 1987 at the age of 93 years.

He cited excerpts from archival materials, including the testimony of a former aide-de-camp Hess Karl-Heinz Pintcha, German diplomat Karl Clodius and another diplomat during the Third Reich the SS oberfuhrer Wilhelm Rodde, who was personally acquainted with Hess.

"For this reason Pints revealed: "Hess his special challenge put all available means to achieve if not a military Alliance of Germany with England against Russia, at least the neutralisation of England", - said Makarov.

According to Pintcha, to establish contacts with influential British political circles Hess still from 1934 used the well-known German scientist, major General Professor Karl Haushofer, whose disciple Hess was a student, said Makarov.

In 1937 in Munich, Hess was visited by the adjutant of field Marshal the Duke of Connaught, uncle of the British king George VI, major Fitzroy Fyers, who a few days staying in the mansion of Hitler's Deputy. In 1938 Pints accompanied Hess to Hamburg, where he met with the owner of the famous Bank of England "John Henry Schroeder" – Bruno von Schroeder, who, according to Hess, "has successfully performed in financial and political circles of England for the support of Hitler's aggressive policy against Soviet Russia," said Makarov.

To germanophile circles in the UK were the Duke of Bedford, sir Lloyd George, former Minister of Finance Lord Simon, well-known diplomat William Strang, and many others. "With the mediation of Bruno von Schroeder in the Munich mansion met with Hess with the Duke of Windsor (former king Edward VIII)," - said Makarov.

And according to the testimony of William Rodda, networking between German and British Industrialists in the mid 1930-ies, among others, contributed to the British author Ian Fleming, said Makarov. "Note that the writer Fleming is the famous author of novels about James bond, and in that time, the British intelligence officer. Hence, we can conclude that the "secret intelligence Service" was aware "of the Hess mission," - said Makarov.