The audit chamber checked the fulfillment of the budget in the Ministry

The accounts chamber (JV) on the audit of budget execution Ministry of the Russian Federation last year found violations that relate primarily to the provision of inter-budget transfers to constituent entities of the Russian Federation of the far Eastern Federal district (FEFD), as well as the implementation of the state program "Socio-economic development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation," reads the message control departments.

Also in the analysis of subsidies to legal entities, it was established that on the background of General reduction of expenditure on direct support of investment projects and infrastructure development in the areas of advancing socio-economic development in 2019 significantly increased the cost of financing development institutions of the Far East - a large part of these expenditures went to salaries of employees, with the acceleration of economic development of the regions of DFO and the activities of development institutions, this measure is not affected.

"The results of the activities of the development institutions of the Far East has so far not allowed us to accelerate development and to achieve structural changes in the economy of regions", - said the auditor JV Svetlana Orlova.

In addition, the implementation of the state program of development of the Arctic zone, the Ministry has committed a breach of the order and methodological guidance for the development, implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of government programs, set SP. The Agency notes that approved the schedule of the program implementation was not coordinated activities of subcontractors and participants, and at the time of the audit, the Ministry had no information about achievement of planned values on four of the six aspects of the programme established for the year.

"The Ministry as a responsible executor of the state program has no documents confirming execution of works and performance of the obligations under the concluded contracts", - said in the release.