Valery explained why never sings with his daughter

Valeria said on instagram that her daughter Anna Shulgina, a useless and even "harmful" to sing in her concerts.

So she reacted to the comment of the subscribers will in a congratulatory post in honor of the birthday of the daughter of the artist.

"Valeria, can, I too don't understand something, but still, You are a successful singer, Your husband is a well-known producer can somewhere at the concert with Anna to sing, I think the way for any difficult, but You make it harder than it is now Your daughter," wrote @tatianaziuriukina.

In response, the singer said that the joint performance with Shulgina possible, but it does not see in it sense.

"Can sing it together as they did before, but now it is clear that she has a completely different audience, and to sing in my concerts is completely useless, and even harmful," said Valeria.

On the comment about the depression of the repertoire of her daughter she replied, "to each his own".