The audit chamber checked the fulfillment of the budget in Minkowksi

The accounts chamber (JV) on the audit of budget execution by Minkowksi Russia last year found violations relating to the implementation of the state program of development of Severo-the Caucasian Federal district (NCFD), as well as subsidies to the RF subjects for co-financing of property in regional Corporation, said in message the controlling Agency.

In particular, it is not achieved the planned values of the indicators characterizing the volume of investment, the level of unemployment, number of jobs created, including high-performance. "In General, the implementation of the programme in 2019 is estimated as insufficiently effective, and the risk management mechanisms and measures for their mitigation are assessed as insufficiently effective", - said the auditor JV Svetlana Orlova.

The Department also noted that a similar lack of the accounting chamber drew attention to the results of the audits of budget execution by Minkowksi in previous years. So, in 2017 was not achieved the planned value of 40% of the indicators of the state program, in 2018 – 60%, leading to risks of not achieving their values and in the planning period 2020-2022 years.

Moreover, it was found that the provision of subsidies to subjects of the Russian Federation in skfo, the Ministry has entered into agreements with them and transferred funds without the compliance of the implementation of the selection of investment projects, setting limits on the amount of funding for each project and the formation of the schedule of activities aimed at their implementation.

So, from the obtained in 2016-2019 Federal funds in the amount of 12.4 billion rubles of the development Corporation of the North Caucasus was aimed at implementation of investment projects only 3.4 billion and 9 billion is not used. "Given that the ultimate goal of providing funds is the implementation of investment projects in the NCFD, the activities of the Corporation as a development institution can be recognized as ineffective", - concluded in the release.