Ministry of energy assessed the situation with a fuel leak in Yakutia

The situation with spilled fuel at the power plant in Yakutia did not affect the supply to the consumers, the Federal staff took it on special control, according to the Ministry of energy.

Sunday at the diesel power station in the village Argakhtakh in Yakutia was discovered leaking from the fuel tank. As noted by the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation, according to preliminary information, the soil flowed around 3.5 cubic meters of diesel fuel.

"The energy Ministry of Russia and the government Commission on electricity supply security (Federal HQ) took on special control the situation with the leak of diesel fuel at the power plant in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)", - stated in the message Department.

"The consequences for energy supply of consumers was not," added energy.

According to the Ministry, being organized of reclamation of the soil, attracted by emergency rescue service of Yakutsk with special equipment. Estimated time of arrival to the place – 08.00 GMT.