Media: South Korea will require the deletion of hashima island from the list of UNESCO

The Ministry of culture, sports and tourism of South Korea intends to send a letter to UNESCO with the requirement to exclude Japanese hashima island in the East China sea from the world heritage list, reports the Yonhap news Agency, citing sources in government circles.

The reason for this was, according to the South Korean side, the violation of Japan given to her in 2015 promises to properly honor the memory of victims of forced labour during the Second world war on 23 industrial facilities. At that time the official Seoul has spoken out strongly against the inclusion of these objects in the world heritage list, as seven of them were used forced labor of foreigners, particularly Koreans. Then, Tokyo had promised to reflect "full history of each object", and to erect a monument to the forced labourers.

Last week in Tokyo has opened a new information centre, which provides information about industrial facilities of the period of the Meiji Restoration, including listed and hashima island, also known as Gunkanjima, which means "cruiser". This is the name of the island has received for external similarity with the military ships because of the forms located there buildings.

According to South Korea, information about the island of hashima, are presented in the open center, not only does not reflect the full historical reality, but "ignores or masks the tests, which had to undergo forced labourers".

Hashima island is a now a Ghost island. It was built the coal mine and a city that we have ever seen, a visit to the island for a long time prohibited. Since 2009, the island organises excursions, however, the route is severely restricted inland and pass is usually impossible.