In Severodvinsk do not plan to close the company due COVID-19

Talking about the closure of the core enterprises of Severodvinsk in the Arkhangelsk region, where the foci of the coronavirus, is not yet underway, said the head of Igor Skubenko in an interview, which published a press-service of administration of municipality on Sunday.

Skubenko told that the decision to close the Severodvinsk on quarantine was taken at a meeting of the operational headquarters taking into account the recommendations of the chief sanitary doctor of the region. "I had to take this decision, I believe, at that time it was absolutely correct. Someone says had before, someone said it wasn't necessary," said Skubenko. He noted that now the situation in the city stabilized, and the closure of the city also have influenced this result.

"While so hard is no question," said Skubenko, answering the question about possible closing of some businesses such as "Sevmash" and "Zvezdochka". However, he said that the Severodvinsk is a city with a special status.

Sevmash, Zvezdochka, Arktika is the backbone of the enterprise. "Businesses associated with the atomic specificity, can't not work. Yes, they don't work at its full capacity. The maximum during this period, about 50% of staff numbers come to the company. And it is those units which cannot be left in the mode of the day," said the mayor.

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