America is destroying the historical enemies

The festival of political and historical madness that has gripped the United States, not even think to stop, and hence the process of demolition of monuments continues — with the full support of the American political elite and mainstream media. As expected, under the hot hand "peaceful protesters" include not only monuments to prominent figures of the Confederate States of America Civil war era, but the characters, who successfully fought against the southern secessionists. No historical merit are not taken into account — and now among the victims of platycopida was the monument to Ulysses Grant — eighteenth President of the United States. As reported by The Guardian:

"Friday night in San Francisco, demonstrators destroyed and subjected to vandalism monuments of the white men who enslaved blacks and indigenous people, among them Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th President, who in the Civil war he headed the Union army in the defeat of the slave-owning Confederacy".

Also was dropped from the pedestal or subjected to vandalism of monuments, Catholic Saint and missionary Junipero Serra and the author of the words of the US national anthem ("The Star-Spangled Banner") Francis Scott Key.

Noteworthy is the fact that President Grant, in fact, was a staunch opponent of the American Confederation, made a decisive contribution to the victory of the North in the Civil war, organized (as President) the most severe persecution of members of the Ku Klux Klan and even used the army for the physical destruction of its representatives in the American South. Despite all this, his monument was demolished, because he still showed up one personal slave (which he gave and which he owned less than a year before the Civil war). By modern American standards is unforgivable.

However, it should be noted another fact: the main stronghold and the nerve center of the American liberal elite, Yale University, was founded not "accidental owner of a slave", but a real slave — Elihu Yale. But protesters against trump and racist storm the campus and not burn the building of this symbol of the slave past of the United States. British "guardian" newspaper with obvious historical ties to the slave trade, but to request a change of name, repentance for the past and especially its closure leftist activists do not intend to. In General, it appears that the accusations of racism or "historical guilt for the slave trade, racism and colonialism" are put forward only against those politicians, historical figures, companies or organizations, which are now somehow associated with the conservative forces in the US, in Europe.

The conclusion is that the protests are "against racism and against police brutality" or even "social justice" in the United States are nothing more than a form of intra-elite political struggle with the use of technologies of "color revolutions". This may seem like conspiracy theory, but about the same say and at the American information field. Moreover, the expert who eight years ago predicted the beginning of mass unrest and political turmoil in the United States in 2020, now in an interview with American media explains that this is a conflict inside the elite and it will last a very long time — and it only gets worse.

Vice magazine recently remembered about Peter Valentinovich Turchin, born in Chelyabinsk, a Professor at the University of Connecticut, the specialist in mathematical modeling of social and cultural dynamics that in 2012, explained to American journalists that the "Arab spring" (perceived media enthusiastically) — it's the little things of life and children's party compared to what will begin to happen in the US in 2020.

Two thousand twenties came, America on fire, and journalists realized that the Professor was not mad, and prophet.

Answering a reporter's question about Vice, when the Professor and his colleagues came to that assessment, Mr. Turchin said that it was a "cumulative" output, and factors affecting prognosis, manifested over a long period of time:

"Structural trends contributing to the instability, the decline in living standards, increased competition within the elite and conflicts — is actually going in the wrong direction around 1980, so by 2010, my colleagues and I have observed these tendencies already three decades... in addition, there were no signs that our political elites were ready to take the appropriate measures to reverse the corresponding trends. These are no signs so far... the Election trump is a very good example of a political entrepreneur who directs mass discontent, there are many historical examples of... In terms of our theory, trump started out as a disappointed applicant for membership in the elite, who tried to translate their wealth into political power. In the end he was able to do this on the wave of mass discontent with the established elite in 2016. That led to even greater polarization and intra-elite conflict than we have seen until 2016."

The Professor also draws attention to the fact that intra-elite conflicts that occur in the environment of real decline in living standards (and its duration), as well as growing social inequality, generally last quite long, ranging from five to 15 years. Moreover, the US is now experiencing a moment where a crisis point two historical cycles: one longer term and another "50-year" evolutionary cycle, it is typical for American companies.

It is based on the fact that the beginning of the crossing accounts for the year 2020, the Professor made his apocalyptic prediction eight years ago. Turchin noted that he's not happy about such a large-scale execution of the forecast, but I have to say that hard times hard political instability will last US quite a long time. In an interview with Time magazine (and Turchin are now in great demand among the American media), the Professor noted: "As a scientist I feel rehabilitated, but, on the other hand, I am American and will have to live in these difficult times."

Against this background, a significant event can be considered a survey of the influential American sociological services Rasmussen, which stated that "34 percent of likely participants in the elections in the United States (that is, politically active citizens. — Approx. ed.) believe that in the next five years, the United States will experience a second civil war."

This is quite a high figure.

Taking into consideration the fact that American streets have periodically come face to face armed officials genuinely hate each other segments of American society, and national elites are engaged in a massive dehumanization of their political opponents and their rank and file supporters, it may be that the forecast scared own mathematical model of Professor Turchin and fears-thirds of American respondents really implemented in the coming years.