The Iranian Parliament demanded the suspension of IAEA verification

Iranian MPs demanded the government to suspend IAEA verification in relation to nuclear activities in the Islamic Republic.

The press service of the Parliament reported that the government appealed the 240 members of the new Parliament, asking the Executive to suspend the implementation of the Additional Protocol to the safeguards Agreement with the IAEA.

There named and the cause of such treatment to the authorities: "In response to a resolution of the Board of governors of the IAEA against Iran."

On Friday, the IAEA Board of governors adopted a resolution urging Iran to provide access to two sites that want to attend the Agency due to an alleged unregistered activity there. Russia and China voted against it. The permanent representative of Iran to the international organizations in Vienna Kazem Gharib-Abadi said that Iran rejects IAEA resolution as it is based on unfounded allegations.

Made such a demand to the authorities of the Parliament held in late may - following the results of February elections the most seats it has got the conservatives are considered enemies of the course of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Experts in conversation with RIA Novosti pointed out that this balance of power in Parliament may call into question international agreements.